Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Facts (Results And Videos Included)

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The green coffee extract weight loss program is one of the largest selling natural weight loss solution in the market today. Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract has taken the weight loss world by storm. It is the unprecedented and ‘never seen before’ popularity of coffee bean extract that makes me term the facts on this supplement as “unbelievable and shocking”. Check out how the amazing facts on this weight loss pill below.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

The coffee beans that are not roasted or fried are called the green coffee beans. This contains chlorogenic acid, which is found to be an excellent supplement that can slow down the release of glucose into the body. The normal coffees we commonly use for drinking do not contain chlorogenic acid; it is lost in the process of roasting, drying, powdering and packaging the coffee.  Chlorogenic acid, extracted from the fresh coffee beans and stuffed in capsules is the exact weight loss supplement that we are speaking about.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is highlighted by Dr.Mehmet Oz on ‘OZ TV SHOW’ as the miracle fat buster that will make you win the battle of weight loss without changing your diet.Green-Coffee-Main

Green Coffee Bean Extract Facts As Presented By Dr.Oz

This supplement has gained vast popularity and worldwide acceptance after it was presented on the Dr.Oz Show in USA televisions and YouTube videos. Many of the dieticians and weight loss experts openly opposed the claims of Dr.Oz. It was then in September 2012, Dr.Mehmet Oz conducted his own private clinical test and trial on pure green coffee bean extract.

The Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity Journal* had published the details of an actual study that was conducted on the effectiveness of pure green coffee bean extract. The study was spanned over a period of 12 weeks with the help of 100 plus women volunteers.Green-Coffee-Bean-Study

Green-Coffee-Extract-Results-Over a period of just 12 weeks test the first group of women who took the green coffee extract lost an average of 10.5% of their overall body weight and 16% of their overall body fat – all without changing their eating or exercise habits. It was noted that women who took green coffee extract during the study lost about 17 pounds on an average after a 12 to 22 weeks period. However, the second group of women who took other popular weight loss supplements under the same conditions was able to lose only 6 to 8 pounds on average within 22 weeks. 

Benefits Of Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss Supplement

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is proved to be a very effective weight loss supplement that you can avail in the market today. This weight loss supplement has very positive health benefits, and it is proven to prevent the deposit of fat within the body. The antioxidants and chlorogenic acid in this supplement help in checking the release of excess glucose neutralizes free radicals, stabilizes a healthy level of blood sugar, and improves metabolism.  It not only helps in weight loss but also has other medicinal benefits for the body; for example, it reduces pain associated with an illness like migraines and sinusitis and reduces mental stress.

This natural weight loss supplement can be more effective for the faster reduction of body weight especially when it is taken as part of a larger weight loss regime. These capsules are effective pills that are standardized to contain 30-50% of the chlorogenic acid for a high level of antioxidants.

It is certainly a better alternative to green tea extract, raspberry ketone or African mango. The antioxidants in green coffee are more effective and beneficial than other natural weight loss supplements. It is absolutely a ‘good to have’ dietary pill that is sure to shed bodyweight even without any workouts or dieting.

It is observed that the extracts from green coffee beans help in improving metabolism which helps to burn calories quickly. It not only just helps you to lose weight effortlessly, but it also boosts energy and stamina.  The antioxidants contained in it detoxify the liver and blood in the body and thereby makes you look younger and healthy.  Almost all customers have given very positive feedback on the effectiveness of pure green coffee bean extract. Green-Results-2

Does Green Coffee Extract Work?
You can get the best results with this pill with a sufficient amount of regular physical activities like jogging or workouts. It is also important that you consume a lot of water frequently during the day to ensure that flat flushing processes in the body are increased with a healthy metabolism.

This slimming supplement also can be taken along with other vitamin tablets or other medications that you might be already taking. This weight loss capsule normally does not have any adverse effects on other medicines that you might be used for any particular illness. In fact, pure green coffee bean extract detoxifies the body and enables better metabolism and absorption of healthy vitamins and minerals.

You can use 800 milligrams of pure green coffee bean extract per day to lose weight naturally. It is most effective and best taken in 400 milligrams increments twice a day about a half-hour before breakfast and dinner. With the regular and routine usage of this supplement in capsule form, you will begin to lose excess body weight steadily and begin to feel higher level metabolism and a sharp rise in physical energy.


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