Do You Know What Happened To The Smoking Toddler After 8 Years?

Smoking BoyAbout 8 years ago, the photos of an Indonesian toddler addicted to smoking 40 cigarettes a day went viral all over the internet and print media. The smoking toddler became an instant international media sensation.  It was one of the most shocking and disturbing photos and news then. Even today those photos are still being shared on social media.

Who is this boy?

This infamous toddler is Ardi Rizal from a poor village in Sumatra, Indonesia, puffing on a cigarette while riding his tricycle.

What happened to him over the past 8 years?

  • Ardi Rizal picked up the habit of chain-smoking cigarettes at the age of two.
  • Because of the resounding international outcry, the Indonesian government intervened and put him through rehabilitation treatments that finally made the boy quit smoking.
  • The boy and his mother were sensitized of the dangers of smoking
  • After he had quit smoking, Ardi picked up another dangerous addiction of overeating that made him highly obese; he weighed 4 times more than his age and physique.Adil Eating
  • His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rizal, had to take him to a nutritionist. As directed by the nutritionist, they gave him healthy balanced diet and made him play active outdoor games daily.
  • Today, Ardi no longer smokes. He follows a healthy well-balanced diet, and he looks healthy and handsome.Smoking Boy 3

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